Four Creative Ways To Use Your Old Tires

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When you replace the tires on your car, the old tires can be used in many different ways. If you are someone who feels that recycling is important, consider recycling your old car tires into new and useful things when you replace them with new tires. The following guide walks you through a few interesting ways to use car tires.

A Tire Swing

Take a large rope and tie it to a small stick. Find a strong branch and throw the stick over the branch. Remove the rope from the stick and tie a loop in the end of the rope, making sure it is very secure. Lace the other end of the rope through the loop and pull the rope until the loop is snug against the branch. Lace the end of the rope through the center of the tire and then back to itself. Tie a secure knot and the tire swing is ready for use.

A Garden Planter

Spray paint the exterior of a tire any color you want. Lay it flat on its side inside of your garden and fill it with soil. Plant flowers inside of the tire and it will serve as a beautiful garden planter.

Create a Stool

Lay the tire on top of a piece of plywood. Trace around the tire and use a jigsaw to cut out the circle you traced. Purchase a few yards of outdoor fabric that you think is stylish and unique, and some pillow fluff from a craft store. Spread out the material on a flat surface and then lay the fluff in the center. Lay the piece of plywood on top of the fluff and then pull the edges of the material around the fluff and the plywood and secure them with a staple gun. Trim any extra fabric and place the plywood on top of the tire. The seat is removable, so you can store items under the seat. This is an easy way to create a small stool that is great for use outdoors.

A Piece of Exercise Equipment

Tires can be great pieces of exercise equipment, because they are somewhat heavy and very durable. Lay the tire flat on the ground, squat down, grab under the tire, stand and flip the tire at the same time. Repeat the process and the tire quickly becomes a useful piece of workout equipment.

These uses are very simple to do, and will allow you to make the most of your old tires. Most of these projects can be done in very little time and do not cost a fortune to do. For help with finding tires, contact a shop like Tire Pirates.