Learn How A Repair Shop Fixes Keyed Paint On Cars

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Having your car keyed can be infuriating. The scratches created by the key will be quite noticeable, but fortunately they can often be fixed relatively easily at auto body repair shops. The following guide walks you through the steps that an auto body repair shop will take to restore your car to its original look quickly and easily.

Determine the Depth

The first thing the mechanic will do is determine how deep the scratch is. There are multiple layers of paint on a car and if the scratch only went through the top layer, the scratch may be able to be buffed out, which would save a lot of time and money for the repair. If the scratch goes deeper, major repairs will need to be made.

Clean Around the Scratch

The paint around the edges of the scratch will need to be smoothed so that they do not flake or peel. The mechanic will take a buffing machine to buff the edges of the scratch so that they do not get any larger.

Match the Color

Next, the mechanic will need to match the paint color to the color on your car exactly. If your paint color can no longer be found, you may have to get your entire car repainted, if you want it to have a finished look.

Repair the Scratch

The mechanic will then add layers of the identical color of paint to the car until the scratch is even with the rest of the paint on the car. This takes quite a while to do because the paint has to be applied in thin layers to ensure it doesn't drip.

Protect the Paint

A protective coating is then placed over the paint to protect it from the elements. If the scratch is not properly protected, water could seep into the paint and cause the area to start rusting over time.

Once the mechanic has finished repairing the paint on the car, he or she will then buff the entire car to a high glossy shine. When you get your car, it is a good idea to walk around the car and look at the scratched area closely. Be sure that you are satisfied with the way that the car looks and if there is anything that is noticeably different, ask the mechanic if anything else can be done to make the car have a more uniformed look so that no one can tell it was ever keyed.