Benefits Of Going Straight To The Dealer For Auto Service

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While you might have a few different options for getting your vehicle the service that it needs, there are many benefits that would come with going straight to the dealer. Take a moment to check those benefits out so you will have the best knowledge for deciding where you need to take your vehicle the next time you need help.


Sure, some mechanics might have heard about current recalls on vehicles, but whether they heard about the recall on yours or if they even remember to mention anything to you is a completely different story. When you go directly through the dealership, not only will you learn about the recent recalls on your vehicle, if there are any, but you will learn about past recalls that you might not have made it into the dealership for. The dealership can have their mechanics take a look at your vehicle and repair or replace all necessary parts.

Quality Service

Not only does that particular dealership have to worry about their individual reputation, but they have the responsibility of keeping the entire brand name in good standing. Therefore, you are less likely to find yourself dealing with a cranky mechanic and more likely to find yourself chatting with the receptionist that is showing you where the free coffee is. This is obviously just an example of what kind of quality you can expect when going to the dealership for help.

Quicker Service

This is not to say that the mechanics at a dealership are more skilled than anyone else. However, those mechanics do have the privilege of having access to a large selection of tools, research materials, and the latest in automotive repair equipment. This means that it might be a little easier for them to get the job done right, which means you will be on your way home before you know it. Of course, this does not mean that you would never find yourself dealing with a longer wait time if it turns out that there is a major problem with your vehicle.

As you can see, there are plenty of quality reasons to give the dealership a try when you are considering a new place to go for all of your mechanical needs. So whether you need new brakes or an inspection sticker for the windshield, you will want to call your local dealership for their first available appointment. Contact a company like Henneken Auto Sales & Service Ltd for more information.