Things To Look Out For When Purchasing A Used Heavy Duty Truck

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All used vehicles come with certain advantages and drawbacks. If you are going to purchase a used heavy-duty truck, here are a few issues you need to watch out for:

Issue #1: Rust

Whenever you purchase a used vehicle, especially a heavy-duty truck, you need to check the truck thoroughly for rust.

This is especially true if you live in an area where it snows frequently and they use salt on the roads. Salt spray from the roads can easily corrode away the under body of a truck if it is not sprayed off.

Rust can cause the underbody of the vehicle to become weak. This could cause parts to break off. A well-maintained heavy-duty truck may have some rust on it; however, it should be under control. If the underbody is covered in rust, keep searching for a vehicle that has a stronger body.

Issue #2: Faulty Transmission

Heavy-duty trucks are often used to pull tractors and trailers. You can also haul a lot around in just the truck bed as well. All of the work that a heavy-duty truck can do can cause strain to the transmission.

Before you purchase a heavy-duty truck, you should have a mechanic check out the transmission.

You can also check out the transmission yourself. The fluid should be a pinkish color and should be almost transparent. If the fluid is dark or thick, then it is bad. You should also check under the vehicle and see if any fluid has leaked out of it. When you test-drive the vehicle, it should transition smoothly between gears. If the gears slip, or the vehicle lags before accelerating, those are both signs that something is wrong with the transmission.

Unless you are a mechanic yourself, you do not want to purchase a vehicle with a faulty transmission. It can cost as much to replace the transmission as it did for you to purchase the vehicle.

Issue #3: Leaks

Over time, heavy-duty trucks can get worn out due to all the stress that is put on them. Check for any leaks within the engine and under the truck. Oil leaks could be an indication of any number of problems.

If you are going to purchase a heavy-duty truck, make sure you thoroughly inspect it before you purchase it. Stay away from trucks with too much rust as the integrity of the body could be in question. Pay attention to how the gears change, as one of the most common things to go out in heavy-duty trucks is the transmission. Finally, be on the watch for any leaks.

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